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MEP Engineering India is a proudly owned independent and progressive India fabrication drawings company providing professional fabrication drawings projects management services to the mechanical construction industry. We have experience to manage any fabrication drawings projects, large or small. If you are interested in having high quality fabrication drawings produced either from your own outline ideas, or from architect’s specifications, then MEP Engineering India would like to help you with their professional mechanical fabrication drawings services. We use the latest in technology to accurately and quickly detail our client’s requirements. In many cases, we remodel the project in our fabrication drawings package to check design drawings prior to generating the final detail drawings.

MEP Engineering India common characteristics of the fabrication drawings include:

  • Fabrication notes
  • A dimensioned mechanical detail that specifies the part size and profile specifics
  • The mechanical detail should provide a drilled hole to edge dimension
  • A drill detail/legend that differentiates between plated and non-plated holes
  • Side details or geometric tolerances that clearly define special milling operations
  • A title block that clearly defines company ownership, part identification, revision history and default tolerances

Why outsource to MEP Engineering India

  • Delivering design and engineering solutions
  • Consistently meeting ever reducing customer delivery goals
  • Providing new technologies and processes on a comprehensive range of materials
  • Listening to customers and implementing their specific needs

A fabrication drawings sometimes only includes the fabrication details, the final machining details are then shown on a separate drawings. It is equally acceptable to show all manufacturing information on one drawings. Our mechanical engineers and technical staff utilize years of fabrication drawings experience using the latest AutoCAD technology knowledge provide you the highest quality fabrication drawings solutions. Contact us or Email: info@mepengineeringindia.com to outsource your fabrications drawings requirements and gets benefit from high-quality services at low operating costs.

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